Loose Lips Sink Ships !

Strictly Hush Hush – Middlesex Mason Awarded BEM In New Years Honours

W. Bro Frank O’Keefe, a member of the Provincial Media Team, spills the beans and compiled this report.

“Now they’re a tight-lipped lot, these Honours recipients.

I say this because I sat beside W. Bro Cdr Mike Goldthorpe RN ProvGSuptWks, who was escorting our Assistant Provincial Grand Master, W. W. Bro. Paul Huggins PSGD, on his Official Visit to Horsa-Dun Lodge, No. 3123 at the Christmas Meeting on 21st December 2018.

I can inform you that we had an excellent evening of discourse with him at the Festive Board, especially about his time while serving in the Royal Navy.

But not one word about the honour bestowed upon him passed his careful lips !

Mike served in the Royal Navy from 1978 until 2010, reaching the rank of Commander.

His most recent activity has been as CEO of the Association of Royal Navy Officers, and the Royal Navy Officers Charity.

The Association has some 5,000 members, who are able to attend regular functions such as Church and Carol services, lunches, etc.

They are kept in touch with each other in a way similar to our own masonic communications, by both hard copy and email.

This serves to bind them together and foster comradeship.

The Charity was founded in 1739, and is the second oldest RN charity, each year awarding grants to the value of £400K to cover things as diverse as educational costs to end of life care.

Wouldn’t it be interesting to know if the founders of the Charity at that time were Freemasons, coming so soon after the formation of UGLE ?

Unsurprisingly with such an interest in Charity, Welfare and Brotherly Love, W. Bro Michael found himself attracted to Freemasonry.

He was Initiated into Pinner Hill Lodge, No. 6578 in the late 1990s becoming their WM during 2006-2008.

Unfortunately, only two years after that Pinner Hill handed in its Warrant, so W. Bro Michael joined Fortitude Lodge, No. 6503, where he is their current WM.

He is also a Member of United Services Lodge, No. 3183 in Gibraltar, Goff’s Oak Lodge, No. 7169 in Hertfordshire (where he served as WM in 2015) and Navy Lodge, No. 2612 in London, plus a number of side orders.

Appointed Provincial Grand Superintendent of Works in 2018, he was particularly delighted to be able to accompany Worshipful Brother Paul Huggins APGM on his Official Visit to Horsa-Dun Lodge, as many former members of Pinner Hill Lodge had joined Horsa-Dun after erasure, I am sure he would have been bursting to impart the news to them and to his credit he did not.

Having spent time with him at the Festive Board, I am equally sure that all of the ex-Pinner Hill Members and Horsa-Dun Members alike would have been delighted to offer this charming and delightful Member of our Fraternity their own congratulations, had they known.

In their name, and I’m sure in the name of all the members of Middlesex Province – congratulations W. Bro Michael for an honour well-deserved.”



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