Lodge Profile Document

Below you will find the updated Lodge Profile Document to download.

The purpose of this form is for your Candidate Development Officer (CDO) to know a lot more about your Lodge and the kind of candidates you’re looking for.

The form gives a brief insight into how the Lodge works, how it’s made up and the charitable and social functions you hold.

As you will be well aware, it would be very difficult for one person to keep in their heads full details of every Lodge they look after and therefore may be unable to refer candidates without this information.

Please complete and save the form and email it to your CDO – his details are on the form – so he can always keep you in mind when interviewing possible candidates.

Kindest regards,

Nigel Harris-Cooksley
Provincial Membership Officer
Mobile : 07950 346 870
Email: – MiddxPMO@Gmail.com

Download the Lodge Profile Document July 2016 in PDF format HERE

Download the Lodge Profile Document July 2016 in Word format HERE

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