Middlesex Masons in Lockdown – Two Stories from the Province

W. Bro Ron Selby – Master of the Air Waves –

Ron Selby Calling

No doubt the days since mid-March have been long and slow, whilst for others they may have been short and quick.

No doubt the warmer weather recently will have allowed many Brethren to relax at home in their gardens, or catch up on chores pushed to one side.

One Brother in the Province has gone back to his old hobby of Ham Radio which he put to one side owing to his masonic duties.

So it’s; “Come in – Golf 4 Delta Romeo India”.

If you get a reply then you will have made contact with W. Bro Ron Selby PPrSGW, the Secretary of Temple of Athene Lodge, No. 9541.

Ron has a full Class A Licence for 50 years and with the lockdown in full swing it gave him an opportunity to get back into his hobby.

He was amazed that when he turned the equipment on that it lit up and worked perfectly.

Aerial and broken winch cable

Just a couple of niggles and the purchase of a new battery to raise the transmitting tower.

Sod’s Law applied in these circumstances and the galvanised steel cable which is used to winch up the tower snapped and might have caused serious damage to Brother Ron as it fell to earth.

There may have also been the prospect of something worse had the tower collapsed. With the help of a local handyman he was able to sort things out.

However, Ron got in touch with the store which had provided the cable 13 years previous.

Just for fun and ever hoping that it might be subject of a warranty claim he asked how long the guarantee lasted ?

12 years was the reply.

In the meantime Ron has been in touch with other enthusiasts in Russia, Israel Saudi Arabia amongst others.

Questions and Answers from W. Bro Ron Selby

Q: Do you use Morse Code at all ?

A: I have not used Morse Code for years. I mentioned that I had a Class A licence; in order to obtain this, you have to do a Morse test. In those days, and I took this around 1960, it was to send and receive at 12 words per minute, text and numbers. The main reason for the test, I believe, was to reduce the number of people using the High Frequency Bands (i.e. the long range bands) as these bands are restricted to Class A licence holders.

Q: When you reach someone what do you chat about ? I guess Covid 19 is very apt at present.

A: The Long-range contacts tend to be much shorter than the local ones on VHF, so not a lot of chat, it is mainly an exchange of technical information, though it is not unusual for Covid 19 to be mentioned.

Q: Do you know if there is a masonic radio ham “Group” in the UK ?

A: Yes there is – Radio Fraternity Lodge No 8040 which meets at Freemasons’ Hall. Closer to home, in Middlesex, we have Call Sign Lodge, No. 9501, which amalgamated with Dalhousie Lodge to become Dalhousie & Call Sign Lodge, No. 865.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

W. Bro Paul Greek – Master of the Hair Waves –

W Bro Paul Greek – before and after !

For many the furlough at home has caused an amazing and rapid growth in the length of hair for those endowed with sufficient follicles to notice any changes.

Brother Paul’s wife, Helen, bought him a hair clipper set for his birthday.

Perhaps, under normal circumstance,s this might have ended up in the Lodge raffle.

The photo show what might be done if willing to take the risk.

W. Bro Paul Greek PJGD PPrDepGReg of Kenelm Lodge, No. 8255 took that risk and readers are now asked if they can spot difference ?

Spot the difference and send your answers on a postcard please. Prize – No Prize.

But well done Helen, a superb bit of styling

W. Bro Paul with all the haircut money you have saved the Charity Column will be weighed down with all the extra cash.

A hairy story, indeed.

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