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W. Bro Stan Marut – News Editor for the Middlesex Media Team provides an insight into his masonic reading during lockdown.

Lockdown has afforded a few of us opportunities to relax and without the pressure of travel to meetings catch up on things at home.

However, Middlesex Masonic Matters still carry on relentlessly and regardless and for those who have participated and are still participating then a big fraternal thanks and hug, when allowed.

Some of us live a distance away from Middlesex and are unable to be physically involved with activities there.

Therefore, we have to think of other things that might occupy the hours when the sun refuses to shine.

Hidden Mysteries Of Nature And Science –

Never refusing a masonic challenge I was recently asked by the Secretary of my London Lodge to present a lecture at the April Meeting, which in the event was abandoned.

Not wishing to borrow from the Masonic Web I thought of what might stretch my mind.

It came to me that in the Second Degree Charge we are expected to extend our researches into the Hidden Mysteries of Nature and Science.

Later in the Third Degree the secrets of nature and principles of intellectual truth were then unveiled to our view.

Indeed, Heavenly Science even took me to the throne of G-D Himself.

Was this just masonic hyperbole or was I really expected to take this path into an unknown ?

It is surprising that when taking those initial words “Hidden Mysteries of Nature and Science”, just where it might lead.

Indeed, it took me down a lot of paths and increased my understanding of the fundamentals of freemasonry and how we developed from 1717 and a bit before, to where we are today.

Regrettably, I was unable to present my lecture and, indeed, after further reading in lockdown I will now edit and add in additional material and thoughts.

If you have a responsibility for ritual in both the Craft and Royal Arch then this “inter regnum” is a great opportunity to get the book out and start learning for when we return to normal.

For others it would bode well to take an opportunity to do some serious masonic reading;

This is a selection of my recent additions to my Lockdown Library:

1. Freemasonry Decoded – Rebuilding the Royal Arch – Kevin L Gest
2. The Mandorla and the Tau – The Secrets and Mysteries of Freemasonry Revealed – Kevin L Gest .
3. Exploring Early Grand Lodge Freemasonry – Murphy and Eyer – Editors
4. John Theophilus Desaguiliers – Natural Philosopher, Engineer and Freemason in Newtonian England = Audrey Carpenter. (Desaguiliers was the 3rd Grand Master of Premier Grand Lodge in 1719. He has an association with Middlesex in that he was the Minister at St Lawrence, Little Stanmore, Middx.)
5. Isaac Newton’s Freemasonry – Alain Bauer
6. Freemasonry’s Hidden Brain Science – Michael Schiavello
7. The Key to Modern Freemasonry – The Hidden Mysteries of Nature and Science – Prof Charles C Lawrence
8. Belief and Brotherhood – Rev’d Neville Barker Cryer
9. The Invisible College – The Secret History of how the Freemasons founded the Royal Society

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