Ruislip St Martins and Brunel University – A Winning Combination

Middlesex Masons in the Community;

The liaison between Middlesex Freemasonry and Brunel University through the auspices of Ruislip St Martins Lodge, No 9125 continues to encourage and support excellence in design by Brunel students.

On Friday 15th June 2018 W Bro Peter Binstead and W Bro Nick Grossman of Ruislip St Martins Lodge visited the Brunel University Design Exhibition at the Oxo Tower in London.

The exhibition featured final year engineering project designs.

The two students in particular who had received funding from the Lodge in collaboration with the Middlesex Provincial Relief Fund, were Josh King and Rheza Ismansyah.

IT 01

The two projects were different in scope but had an immense utility value for the subsequent recipients of these “inventions”.

Firstly, Josh King produced an innovative device with the idea of monitoring and tracking the well-being of those who had been victims of assault.

The idea was that worn on the wrist, waistband or, for example, on a bra strap the use of electrodermal activity sensors (EDA – which refers to the variation of the electrical properties of the skin in response to sweat secretion), linked to a specially developed mobile application, it allows counsellors and others, particularly family to monitor the wearer’s progress and identify when assistance might be required.

This is a highly innovative device and will provide comfort and reassurance to victims of assault, sexual or otherwise.

Josh King was awarded a special prize by Santander of a cheque for the best design pitch of the entire year.

Secondly, Rheza Imansyah, a student from Thailand is developing a water powered lamp which in concept is meant assist children in rural areas of South East Asia to study during the evening.

Currently naked flame kerosene lamps are used which are inefficient, dirty, dangerous and, not least, expensive.

The lamp would have an internal turbine which can be detached and placed in a source of running water i.e., river, stream or local irrigation channel.

IT 02
IT 03

The lamp will be charged by an internal turbine during the day.

As South East Asia has a very high level of precipitation, there is no shortage of water to drive such a device.

The technical research has been done and now remains the building of a prototype and further testing.

Money provided by Middlesex Freemasons will be spent on materials and travel to bring the project to realisation.

These two projects once again illustrate the beneficial effects of the collaboration between Brunel University, Middlesex Freemasons in general and Ruislip St Martins Lodge No 9125 in particular.

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