Middlesex Armed Forces Lodge Muster at Cole Court

A demonstration of Irish Constitution working

Members of Lodge Glittering Star, No. 322 with W Bro Steve Heynes WM Middlesex Armed Forces Lodge, No. 9940

Middlesex Armed Forces Lodge, No. 9940 (MAFL) recently hosted a regular meeting of Lodge Glittering Star, No. 322 (LGS), who are registered under the Irish Constitution.

Lodge Glittering Star was constituted on 3rd May 1759 and its original members were soldiers from the 29th Regiment of Foot, a Regiment of the British Army, whilst they were stationed in County Kilkenny.

They are one of only a few Lodges who hold a “Travelling Warrant”, something that the United Grand Lodge of England does not allow.

This means that the Lodge does not have a regular place to meet and has to travel around the country for its meetings.

The Lodge is one of the founding Lodges of the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts (Ancients) in Boston in 1769.

This Grand Lodge is supposedly the third oldest Grand Lodge on the world.

Members and guests of Middlesex Armed Forces Lodge, No. 9940 together with Members of the Lodge Glittering Star, No. 322

Some 60 members and visitors to MAFL held a short meeting of the Lodge and, after closing, invited 15 members of Lodge Glittering Star into the Temple where they made the necessary changes to the layout for their Ceremony and then “Exemplified” (demonstrated) an Initiation as worked in the Irish Constitution with some minor changes to allow for Corona Virus precautions.

Bro Kevin Walton – the “Initiate”

Bro Kevin Walton volunteered (he was the last one to take a step backwards) to be the candidate and after being “prepared” entered the Lodge.

If you have never had the pleasure of seeing a First Degree in a different masonic Constitution, it is something to be sought after said W Bro Steve Heynes, WM of MAFL

After the meeting the Brethren of Lodge Glittering Star joined MAFL members and guests at the Festive Board and enjoyed a superb meal provided by Twickenham Masonic Centre’s Executive Head Chef, Vitalij Pavloskij.

A cheque for £250 was then presented to the Director of Ceremonies of Lodge Glittering Star for its own charity.

The Worshipful Master, W Bro Steve Heynes thanked the members of LGS for an excellent evening and for the wonderful insight into Freemasonry as worked in the Irish Constitution.

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