Middlesex Armed Forces Lodge, No. 9940 – Invitation

An historic photo of Lodge Glittering Star members.

Lodge Glittering Star, No. 322 – Irish Constitution to visit Middlesex – Friday 15th October – TDMC – Tyling at 5.00pm

Brethren of Middlesex Province are invited to attend a meeting of the Middlesex Armed Forces Lodge, No. 9940 (MAFL) where they will host members of Lodge Glittering Star, No, 322 of the Irish Constitution (IC).

This Lodge is one of two Lodges under the IC who have an active Military Travelling Warrant.

After MAFL have closed their meeting, the Irish Lodge will open their meeting and conduct an “exemplifying” ceremony using the workings of the Grand Lodge of Ireland, which is quite different to those under the English Constitution.

See: www.glitteringstar.co.uk


The Meeting can accommodate 100

Festive Board will cost £30.

To attend please make contact as follows:-

Email – Secretary@mafl.org.uk (Ken Demmen) or,

Telephone – 07971 791272 (Steve Heynes)

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