Middlesex Masters Harrow Talking the Talk

HTN’s Chair, Barbara Turner receiving cheque from W Bro David Pearson

Before the Middlesex Masters Harrow Lodge, No. 9787 October meeting, the Charity Steward, W Bro Ken Sinclair, asked the brethren for ideas for using money that was languishing in the Relief Chest and doing no-one any good.

W Bro David Pearson was quick off the mark with a recommendation that the Lodge make a donation to the Harrow Talking Newspaper (HTN), with which he is connected as a volunteer reader.

HTN is a voluntary organisation and registered charity that produces a weekly news audio-recording for sight-impaired people living in or around the London Borough of Harrow.

Produced entirely by volunteers, it has been running continuously since 1975 and is entirely free to qualifying listeners.

The main focus is on local news since, unlike non-metropolitan areas, there are no truly local audio media – local radio stations and TV tend to be London-wide.

60 minutes of news recordings, based on local newspapers, are produced on Wednesday evenings, reaching the listeners by free post within the next couple of days.

W Bro David reading for HTN’s general interest magazine, “Hear-Abouts”

All recordings have been digital from May 2012, offering improved sound quality and greater editorial flexibility.

The recordings are issued on memory sticks and listeners are supplied with a digital player if they need one.

W Bro David reads for HTN’s general interest magazine, “Hear-Abouts”, which comes out six times a year.

On 17th December, David was scheduled to read the presenter’s linking remarks for that month’s edition and saw it as the opportunity formally to present the donation to HTN’s Chair, Barbara Turner, who expressed her sincere thanks to Middlesex Masters Harrow Lodge for its generosity.

The accompanying photographs show David presenting the cheque and working at the studio on the December issue of the magazine.

He gets great satisfaction from being able to help in producing such a valuable service for the visually handicapped and great personal pleasure from the splendid works of literature and off-beat items that he has the opportunity to read.

HTN also records and distributes the local authority’s bi-monthly magazine ‘Harrow People’, together with occasional information sound-leaflets.

Most issues of the news recording also piggyback “HTN Extra”, with a selection of 2-3 items from BBC’s “In Touch” and the specialist “Infosound” recordings for the blind.

Once again these acts of involvement with the Community show that Middlesex Masons do, indeed, Walk the Walk and Talk the Talk.

HTN is affiliated to the National Federation of Talking Newspapers. The registered charity number is 270042. (See also: www.harrowtn.org.uk)

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