Making Good Men Good Masons

W Bro Frank O’Keefe PPrSGD – Media Team member gives an account of the charitable endeavours of a Freemason in waiting.

Kurt and Cam

The story started when a prospective candidate for Initiation, Kurt White, was introduced to Hercies Lodge, No. 9651, who meet at the Uxbridge Masonic Centre.

It soon became apparent that Kurt was the type of candidate who would take an active part in the Lodge and one who was keen to participate in raising funds for the Charities which the Lodge supports.

Unfortunately, like many other Lodges with candidates waiting, Covid-19 scuppered any plans for Initiation.

So, it is now unlikely that Kurt will be Initiated until February 2022 at the earliest.

But while he may not yet have a Mason’s badge, he does already have a Mason’s heart.

Kurt the Kayaker –

Together with Cam, his apprentice in the Kitchen company he runs, Kurt will be kayaking for 12 straight hours on the River Thames to raise funds for the Cavell Nurses Trust. Why 12 hours, and not a set distance ?

Kurt’s logic in this is impeccable.

He says that nurses often work shifts of 12 straight hours, full of stress, physical hard work and emotionally draining involvement with their patients.

I’ve only got to manage one day”, he remarks. “They do it day in and day out for the whole of their careers.

This gives me, and those who sponsor us, a chance to show our appreciation to the nursing staff who dedicate their working lives to saving ours.”.

This is obviously especially relevant in these current times, where medical staff and ancillary services have been under unrelenting physical and mental strain for the past 18 months.

Kurt added that both he and Cam were new to kayaking and have given themselves 12 weeks to get ready for the challenge.

He wanted to say a big thank you to The Sharks for advising some techniques to be able to survive the ordeal.

Putting Trust in the Cavell Nurses Trust –

Cavell Nurses Trust – is there to support nurses, midwives and Health Care Assistants (both current and retired) in times of financial hardship, illness, disability, and old age.

According to the website, they have experienced a 175% increase in applications for help during the pandemic.

93% of those they helped assisted said that the help they received had a positive impact on their physical health and 97% said it had a positive impact on mental health.

Kurt and Cam will be putting themselves through the mill on 29th August to show their own appreciation of that dedication.

Kurt and Cam would appreciate your support in their fundraising efforts even if by only a small amount.

When after all their kayaking exertions are over, Kurt will be well recovered enough to raise a glass to his new masonic brethren next year.

Kurt you are most welcome.

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