Solomon – What’s It All About ?

An important news item was published on the Provincial web site regarding SOLOMON on January 21st 2019.

This gave a brief introduction to the new learning resource from the United Grand Loge of England (see below).

There is now a wonderful opportunity to develop a fuller understanding and a presentation on “SOLOMON – What’s it all about ?” – will be given by the Provincial Grand Orator W. Bro Andrew Farleigh at the Installation meeting of Scrivener’s Lodge, No 9588.

This will take place on Saturday 27th April 2019 at Uxbridge Masonic Centre starting at 10.45am.

For further details please contact the Lodge Secretary:-

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At the Quarterly Communications of UGLE last September a new learning resource for Freemasons was announced.

It had taken three years to develop as a project of the Improvement Delivery Group.

Called SOLOMON it was designed to provide a platform for masonic learning in the Craft and Holy Royal Arch.

That would be putting it mildly and the importance if this initiative for all Freemasons should not be underestimated and ought to be a major talking point amongst us as how best to utilise the resources contained within the SOLOMON web site.

The benefits that will accrue from this resource might be seen in, “a greater understanding of our Freemasonry which will add to enjoyment and improve Ceremonies.

Being more knowledgeable will boost confidence to talk in a comfortable and open way about what Freemasonry means personally.

When learning becomes a regular Lodge and Chapter activity, membership should be more fulfilling and meaningful.

In turn, this should aid attendance, retention and engagement”.

This would be an ideal outcome and should now become a source of exchange amongst us and allow an opportunity to utilise this amazing facility, to Solomon being a central repository of informative material that will answer some of our questions and point members along the path of a daily advancement in Masonic knowledge.

It provides a wealth of material provided in various modules:

Seek and Learn

Share and Encourage

Support and Promote

But first you have to register and then you will have access to this “goldmine” of masonic treasure.

Here is the link –

Once registered and logged on you can then explore the avenues open to you for Masonic learning and understanding.

However, we are taught to be cautious, and users are asked not to explore prematurely beyond the degrees with which they have already had conferred.

To do otherwise would spoil the subsequent revelations of their personal masonic journey.

To do so would be a shame.

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