Scriveners’ Lodge looks at the future of Secretary and Scribe E

(l to r) W Bro Peter Hyde; W Bro Paul Darling-Wills; W Bro Nigel Codron

On Saturday 28 September 2019 Scriveners’ Lodge, No. 9588 hosted an extremely well attended Secretaries and Scribes E Seminar at Twickenham.

The seminar started at 11.30 prompt, following a meeting of the Lodge.

The packed dining room at Twickenham was greeted by current Master of the Lodge, W.Bro. Peter Hyde.

Then followed Lodge Secretary W.Bro. Paul Darling-Wills, who talked through the agenda and gave details on the new Handbook for Secretaries and Scribes E.

He then introduced W Bro Nigel Codron who gave a presentation on Project Hermes – the Secretaries new friend.

W.Bro. Nigel is a key member of the Project Team at Grand Lodge.

It’s vision is to be a system that both Secretaries/Scribes E and their members will be able to use, as a modern and simple web-based system, transforming the way in which forms are completed – moving away from an endless form-filling process to drastically reduce turnaround times.

Assisting with the process are six Pilot Regions providing input on current processes and on new requirements and to support the Project Team throughout including training for the roll out.

These are Metropolitan, Hampshire & IoW, Cheshire, Bristol, Cyprus & Eastern Archipelago.

W.Bro. Nigel then stepped through the four areas of Project Hermes in some detail; –

1. Membership – the logging of new members, the management of records and annual membership returns.

2. Journey – mapping the journey of a member from initial enquiry, through to initiation, membership and when he leaves, or passes to the Grand Lodge, or Chapter Above.

3. Finance – electronic payments for returns and other transactions.

4. Analytic – the generation of data-driven insights into how Units are progressing, identifying issues and successes.

The talk was received with loud applause followed by a lively question and answer session with many in the audience eager to get their hands on the system and commenting on how positive it’s effects would be for Lodges in particular and Freemasonry in general.

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