Masonic Conspiracy Theories …. Is there a dark side of the Craft ?

W Bro Andrew Farleigh SLGR, SLGCR ProvGOrat

From faked moon landings to grassy knolls, conspiracy theories abound and it is no secret that Freemasonry features in many of them, ranging from the sublime to the ridiculous !

In his forthcoming talk at Middlesex Masters (Southgate) Lodge, No. 9240 on Monday 9th September, Provincial Grand Orator, W Bro Andrew Farleigh will explain the origins of Masonic conspiracy theories, how they are allowed to take hold and thrive and why it is going to take a long time to dispel them.

Masonic conspiracy theories have been around for many years, and the talk will explain how these theories have woven themselves into the everyday character of modern life, separating the most popular of these theories into those with a grain of truth and those where imagination can well and truly be said to have taken hold. During his talk, W. Bro. Farleigh will:

· Expose what the M.o.D. advised its employees about Freemasonry, and how the then British Home Secretary, Jack Straw very nearly forced through an Act of Parliament compelling Freemasons to disclose their interests in Masonry, and why this attempt failed.

· Explain the Illuminati, who they were, why they are linked with Freemasonry and how Dan Brown brought them to life in his fictional books, thus perpetuating yet another theory.

· Describe the link with Hamas, the Palestinian Islamic group who actually mention Freemasonry in their Constitution, and how Freemasons are accredited with inventing Income Tax !

· Introduce you to Albert Pike, whose writings on Lucifer and Freemasonry spawned many Masonic Conspiracy Theories. You will find out about Lucifer and how a simple and deliberate mistranslation invented a fallen angel, and linked him to Freemasonry !

· Explain why GOATS are sometimes associated with our ritual and why our Masonic Ritual is very often condemned by the Church as being “anti-Christian”

For anyone with a keen interest in Masonry, this is a must-attend lecture. It will be held at 5pm on Monday 9th September at Southgate Masonic Centre and further details can be obtained from the Middlesex Masters (Southgate) Secretary on

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