The Virtual Virtuous

Middlesex Masons in Lockdown –

Brethren of Ruislip St Martins Lodge, No. 9125

Middlesex Masons continue to be inventive in the “new” virtual scenario, which seems to have pervaded our freemasonry.

However, it is this ability to meet and converse online that may well be a saving grace by promoting the bond of harmony and fraternal union which is our mainstay as masons.

Hopefully we will return to some kind of normality in the near future.

The Lodge Technocrats –

Continuing the theme of the use of technology to overcome the limitations imposed by the COVID-19 lockdown, the Brethren of Ruislip St Martins Lodge, No. 9125 have been displaying their cutting-edge capabilities.

Given that the membership is spread far and wide – from Northolt to Madrid and Ruislip to Austin, Texas – the use of social platforms to keep in touch is an absolute necessity.

Not only have they organised a regular Zoom call, they are also holding a committee meeting on the platform next week where they will work through a full agenda of Lodge business.

Not content with that, the Lodge has also taken the opportunity to revamp its website to ensure it provides a seamless experience on mobile and desktop devices.

One of the brethren, Kilian Espana, has developed this using WIX whilst on lock-down in Madrid and the other Brethren have helped tweak it ahead of its full launch shortly.

The website contains the history of and news about the Lodge, as well as useful information such as details of the meetings and Officers.

You can get a sneak preview (and remember there is no copyright on good ideas!) here

The mind can only boggle at how freemasonry might be conducted a hundred years hence.

How long before “Beam me Up, Scotty” has a resonance for freemasons as we are transported to Lodge coordinates in some far-flung Province.

With grateful thanks to W Bro Ian Mitchell, Media Team Writer and W Bro Nick Grossman of Ruislip St Martin’s for this contribution.

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