Ruislip St Martin’s Lodge, No. 9125 continue their support of Brunel University Students

The brethren at Ruislip St Martin’s work closely with Brunel University by spreading the word about Freemasonry and supporting a number of their students through their graduate courses.


W. Bro. Peter Jones, WM of Ruislip St Martins and W. Bro. Peter Binstead, Lodge Charity Steward, present a cheque for £1,300 to students Harry Stiles and Reece Kelly

The Worshipful Master, W. Bro. Peter Jones of Ruislip St Martins Lodge, No. 9125 accompanied by the Lodge Charity Steward W. Bro. Peter Binstead, presented a cheque for £1,300 to students Harry Stiles and Reece Kelly.

Both lads are working on water purification projects for their engineering degrees.

Specifically they are working in collaboration with a Social Enterprise in Mexico called Isla Urbana.

The companies focus is to help low income families to access inexpensive clean water.

Harry has devised a rainwater harvesting system which will enable families to catch, clean and store water for domestic use eg washing and cleaning.

Whilst Reece has come up with a cheap method of purifying this water for drinking which uses materials that can be sourced locally.

It was necessary for them to travel to Mexico to work alongside Isla Urbana to test their concepts and gain some primary research and results.

The £1,300 was to be used to purchase two return flights to Mexico City so that both lads could further their projects.

This money came from the Middlesex Provincial Relief fund, who generously made it available to the students following an application from the Lodge.

Peter Binstead
Charity Steward
Ruislip St Martin’s Lodge, No. 9125

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