Instruments of Tonsure

News Editor W. Bro Stan Marut recalls:

Whilst serving in the Army in the late 60s I remember the Parade Sergeant looking at us poor recruits and saying, “I have just seen a bus load of barbers going down the poorhouse”.

For some in those days it was, perhaps, within living memory.

Even though our hair was cropped to a number one all over, we still faced the accusation of being scruffy.

To make matters worse it was a time when to have short hair was “grossly unfashionable” and certainly not alluring to young females with their long haired hippy type boyfriends

W Bro “Wild Jacko” Flint PProvJGW PAGSuptWks

Fast forward to 2020/21 and for those who still had sufficient hair follicles left, the challenge was to ride out the storm and wait for a break in the Covid storm before the next haircut.

For W Bro “Wild Jacko” Flint PProvJGW PAGSuptWks, the WM of Prince Michael of Kent Lodge, No. 9120 who decided during first lockdown to let his trusses grow.

And grow they did and most certainly ensured that the bus load of barbers reached its destination.

The Lodge Secretary of PMK Lodge has aptly described W Bro Jack as a tad hairy, something from the Wild West, or a Castaway.

However, time to come clean and on Friday 30th April “Wild Jacko” will pay a visit to an eager barber, but first there is a question of an estimate.

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