A recipe for fun !

Members of the Pearl of Africa Lodge, No. 9052 organised a Karoga (Self cooking curry night – Kenyan Style) on Saturday 27th April 2019 in honour of a visit to London by RW Bro.Percy Jamshed Driver, District Grand Master of Bombay.

The connection between Pearl of Africa Lodge and Bombay is W. Bro. Manji R Patel PPrAGSuptWks, DistGChStwd (Dist GL of Bombay) a member of Pearl of Africa Lodge who visits Bombay regularly, attending Lodges there and even holding office.

This created a connection with RW Bro. Percy, who in recent years has made a point of visiting when he is in London on Grand Lodge business.

Held at Carlton Lounge in Kingsbury, the Karoga (the Kenyan word for ‘stir’) allows guests to create their own meal, selecting ingredients and cooking it themselves until it blends into a fragrant meal – very appropriate given the mix of cultures !

The word means mix or stir in Kiswahili (the Kenyan language), and Karoga is precisely what diners do for themselves with this bounty of chopped ingredients and spices.

The process of cooking can take a while and Karoga diners are known to grow tipsy while they cook—or watch.

The event was well attended with 25-30 guests, which included Brethren from various lodges, including family members and friends.

A number of the guests were not Masons but since this event have expressed an interest in joining freemasonry, more particularly as this event was packed with fun, laughter, amazing food and beers that was enjoyed by all who attended.

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