A Busy Meeting at Pearl of Africa Lodge, No. 9052

The visit of an APGM is always a big event in the Lodge calendar and Friday 8th September was a milestone in many ways for the Pearl of Africa, No. 9052.

The regular Meeting was attended by W Bro Brian Fisher APGM who observed the Initiation of a new Brother into the Craft.

The Ceremony was conducted in an impeccable manner, which is a credit to the Lodge.

In addition to the Initiation the Lodge presented W Bro Brian Fisher with a cheque for £7,300 towards The 2020 Festival, which will take them to Vice Patron, which is a remarkable position to achieve so early in the festival.

As you might imagine the Meeting was very well attended with 36 Brethren comprising 17 Lodge Officers,  10 Lodge Members, 2 Visitors and 7 Official Visitors.

Lodge of Africa 01
Lodge of Africa 02

At the end of the evening W. Bro Maurice Dawson PJGD PZ, was presented with a portrait of himself from the Lodge to commemorate his 90th birthday and as the one of the principle Founders of the Lodge in 1982.

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