A Pizza and a Passing

Worshipful Master of Jubilee Lodge W Bro Sam Glick and Brother Carlos Lobato

W Bro Daniel Graham, Provincial Communications Officer, gives a report on the recent meeting of Jubilee Lodge, No. 8822

The 14th July saw a meeting with a difference for Jubilee Lodge, No. 8822.

With Freemasonry re-starting, albeit with limiting COVID restrictions still in place, it was pleasing to see the Lodge embracing change and getting back together.

Inside the Temple social distancing was fully observed with all relevant COVID measures in place.

The adapted ritual proved that masonic work could still be conducted and progressed in these strange times.

Poignant as well, was that the Candidate had been waiting some time for his Second Degree Ceremony and had been an early participant of the Discover Freemasonry programme.

Under the guidance of the recently Installed Master, W Bro Sam Glick, the members of Jubilee Lodge provided a wonderful ceremony for the passing of Bro Carlos Lobato.

He has become a keen Freemason and attended many of the Provincial digital events held on zoom in the absence of physical lectures.

Jubilee Lodge Pizza Fest

Dining facilities are not yet open at Harrow District Masonic Centre, but individual Lodges have been permitted to make their own food arrangements.

Members of the Lodge organised a drinks table and an order was placed with the local pizza delivery franchise.

This “informal” dinner allowed the Brethren to catch up in a relaxed atmosphere affording a perfect backdrop for two prospective Candidates to join in and meet Lodge members.

It is hoped that there will be three initiations in the coming year.

Daniel said that, “It was great to see Freemasonry in action again”.

He added a footnote from the Harrow District Masonic Centre Chairman, Gary Earley, who has confirmed that any units wishing to meet for LOI in July and August are welcome.

They should contact the secretary via office@hdmc.org.uk

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