13th December – A Lucky Day for Bro Joaõ of Jubilee Lodge

(l to r) W Bros David Rubin; Colin Davidson; Howard Lewis; Samuel Glick (Wm), Newly Passed Bro Joao David Serafim: W Bros Stephen Simmons & Richard Goldstein

As Bro Joaõ Serafim had not been available to attend the original date arranged for his passing to the Second Degree, a Dispensation was granted to Jubilee Lodge, No. 8822 by Provincial Grand Lodge to hold an Emergency meeting in December, so as not to cause a back log of Lodge business for the coming masonic year.

Although Bro Joaõ admitted before the meeting that he was very apprehensive and nervous, his input at previous LOI sessions and some great work from the WM, ably assisted by the rest of the Officers of the Lodge, made for a very good and memorable Passing Ceremony for him on the Monday 13th December at the Harrow Masonic District Centre.

Due to it being an Emergency Meeting there was a restriction on what could be done.

Even so, Joaõ thoroughly enjoyed himself and thanked all the Lodge members for supporting him through the Ceremony.

(l to r) W Bro Samuel Glick & Newly Passed Bro: Joao David Serafim

He had been Initiated with Bro Carlos Lobato at the meeting held on March 3rd, just before the first Lock Down in 2020.

It had been a long wait, but the candidate for Passing said it had been definitely worth it.

The WM and Brethren wished to convey to Brother Joaõ their congratulations on his being Passed to the degree of a Fellow Craft and wished him all the very best in his progression to the next regular step in Freemasonry.

Jubilee Lodge 8822 is looking forward to a very full year of work in 2022.

Thanks to W Bro Julian Posner PProvGADC, Almoner of Jubilee Lodge 8822, for this report

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