Jubilee Lodge – Masonic synchronicity ?

Members of Jubilee Lodge, No. 8822

Often during the course of our lives we have feelings of deja vu and particularly in freemasonry there are instances of serendipity and mutual acquaintance when speaking to a Brother we have only just met at some Lodge or other.

These phenonema are often gratifying making the world seem smaller than it is.

There is yet another phenomenon of synchronicity a term originally coined by Carl Jung, which means a meaningful coincidence which he says can only be explained by a phenomenon of energy.

It can be incredibly supportive when you learn to recognize these signs rather than dismissing them as pure coincidence.

WM W Bro Daniel Graham

At the recent Installation Meeting of Jubilee Lodge, No. 8822 Brother Daniel Graham was installed as the 42nd Worshipful Master at the Harrow Masonic Centre.

The date of the 15th May is where this synchronicity comes to the fore.

It was the same date that Daniel’s grandfather, the late W. Bro Charles Simmons PPGAlm LGR first became a freemason in 1961.

He subsequently became a founder of Jubilee Lodge in 1978.

W. Bro Daniel was Initiated into Jubilee Lodge in 2005 by his grandfather, passed by his Seconder W. Bro Howard Lewis PPGReg SLGR and then Raised by his grandfather.

Regrettably W. Bro Daniel’s grandfather has now passed to the Grand Lodge above and was not able to witness his grandson being installed.

Nevertheless, it must have been immensely satisfying in that this very important date and occasion had such significance for W. Bro Daniel.

(l to r) W bro Nigel Codron; PSGD PAPGM; W. Bro Howard Lewis PPGReg SLGCR; W Bro Daniel Graham; W. Bro Tony Jacobs MetGSD SLGR SLGCR

The Installation meeting was exceptionally well attended by 65 Brethren.

W. Bro Nigel Codron PSGD PAPGM acted as Senior Warden, W. Bro Tony Jacobs MetGSD SLGR SLGCR as Junior Warden and W. Bro Daniel’s seconder W. Bro Howard Lewis PPGReg SLGCR.

W. Bro Daniel Graham is a member of the Provincial Media team.

He also is Managing Director of Onbrand, a full service marketing agency based in St Albans offering a range of services spanning: Digital, Social Media, Audio, Events, PR & Branding.

This expertise is also used for the benefit of the Media Team.

Further information about Jubilee Lodge, No. 8820 can be found on the Lodge web site –


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