Jubilant Jubilee

Jubilee Lodge, No. 8822 has had an exceptional year, with much money being raised for charities.

In recent months more than £4,000 has been donated to worthy causes which include;

Kisharon Day School – A sum of £1,300 was given to assist in the charity’s work in developing children with complex learning difficulties in an effort to maximise their potential


London North West Healthcare Charity – received £1,850 to support frontline staff working tirelessly during the current pandemic crisis


Harrow Centre Covid 19 Appeal – £912.50 was made available for pre-packed meals to be prepared at the Harrow District Masonic Centre as part of the ongoing initiative in supplying nourishing food to the less fortunate in the local Community.

This is conjunction with the local Salvation Army and the Harrow Volunteer and Community Sector –


See also – harrowvcsforum.org.uk

These sums are on top of the final incredible total of £34,462 raised for the Province of Middlesex 2020 Festival.

All the members of Jubilee Lodge are rightly proud of the magnificent sum raised to date and hope to continue further fundraising during the current challenging times for worthy causes.

There should be many pats on many backs as the Lodge really has excelled.

Well done Jubilee Lodge !

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