Lion Mountain comes to Twickenham

from 4th left W Bro Paul Huggins, APGM; Bro Charles Andrews, candidate; W Bro Martin White-Peart, ProvAGDC (W Kent) WM; Bro Josh Andrews; W Bro Oliver Andrews, PAGDC (Dist of SL & TG)

The name of the country Sierra Leone situated on the west coast of Africa, means “Lion Mountain” and conjures up images of mountains, forests, lowland plains and plateaus.

The plateaus in the eastern portion of the country are diffused with high mountains, including Sierra Leone’s highest point Mount Bintimani at 6,391 ft. Not only that it is also famous for its diamond industry.

On the 16th September 2019 at Cole Court a very special meeting of Artes et Scientiae Lodge, No. 8797 took place.

A Passing ceremony was conducted with an unusual twist.

The candidate, Bro Charles Andrews, was an Entered Apprentice who was initiated far away in Windward Lodge, No. 7364 in the District of Sierra Leone and The Gambia.

The ceremony was beautifully conducted by members of the lodge in the presence of APGM, Paul Huggins PSGD on an official visit.

It was also witnessed by the proud father of the candidate for Passing W Bro Oliver Andrews, PAGDC (District of Sierra Leone and The Gambia), who is a member of the lodge.

The candidate, Charles, is studying for his Master’s degree at University College London and along with his brother Josh, also a mason, is planning to join the lodge soon.

The Lodge has had its fair share of difficulties both financially and with membership loss, but due to the commendable efforts of the members, is now on a firm footing and gaining new blood.

It was founded in 1977 with a view to inviting lecturers on Arts and Sciences subjects at the occasional Lodge meeting.

Sierra Leone and The Gambia as countries and as a Masonic District are strongly represented and to those who have attended Lodges with a significant African contingent will know that this is always a treat in store to hear the singing in the Lodge and at festive board which is always delivered with much gusto.

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