Brighton Frisky

Bro.’s Gold, Jolly, Wawrzynowski and Caraher and Andy Rrapo and Mack Caraher after completing the Brighton 50km bike challenge

As well as Initiating a new Candidate into Freemasonry, the Lodge of Sincere Friendship, No. 8548 at its last meeting of the Masonic season held at the Uxbridge Masonic Centre saw the Lodge raise almost £5,000.00 for various worthy charities throughout the Province and beyond.

Brethren and guests of Lodge of Sincere Friendship

Brother Lukasz Wawrzynowski not only being the latest Candidate to be Initiated into the Lodge had previously joined the Lodge team to undertake the Brighton 50km bike ride back in April.

Along with Bro Kevin Gold ( Lodge Charity Steward and team leader), Bro, Tom Jolly, W Bro Campbell Caraher, his son Mack, and Andy Rrapo, the team raised £3,120.00, which included a £250 donation from the Lodge towards the UNICEF UK charity, who have been working around the clock to keep children safe in Ukraine since the armed conflict began eight years ago.

Under the stewardship of the Lodge’s Charity Steward, Bro Gold and the Lodge members pledged a total of £1,250.00 equally shared to the following charities:

– Prostrate Cancer Research Centre (WM’s nominated charity)
– Teddies for Loving Care (on behalf of the Province of Middlesex)
– Samaritans (WM’s nominated charity)
– UNICEF UK Bike Ride
– London Irish Foundation (Previous Secretary’s nominated charity.

Digging Deeper –

Bro Gold delivering donated essential items to the Hillingdon Foodbank.

During the Festive Board the Charity Steward asked the members and guests to dig deep and support the Provincial Charity Stewards recent drive to raise funds to purchase VR headsets for young people with life-limiting, life threatening and disabling conditions through the hospice services across the British Isles.

To the delight of all present including the Lodge’s Visiting Officer Peter Edwards PPrJGW and guests from the following Lodges within the Province of Middlesex and adjacent Masonic Provinces: Ruislip St Martin’s, No. 9125, Featherstone, No. 7851, Argus, No. 5903, Uxbridge, No. 7066, Coronation, No. 2898, Lamborn, No. 8733, Shepperton, No. 8611, Stone Squarer, No. 6617, Victory, No. 3954, Beaudesert, No. 1087 and Middlesex Armed Forces Lodge, No. 9940 a total of £800.00 was raised, which would enable the Lifelites charity to purchase 2 VR headsets.

To mark this very charitable meeting all members and guests were presented with a Sincere Friendship Lodge lapel badge, commissioned, and funded by the Lodge Charity Steward.

Prior to attending the meeting members and guests were asked to clear out their cupboards and larders at home in support of the Province’s and the Lodge’s continued support of the local Hillingdon Foodbank.

All non-perishable foods and other essential items were then delivered to the foodbank by the Charity Steward where they were gratefully received by the staff.
I Just Wanna Be Your Teddy Bear –

W Bro Campbell Caraher, Secretary of Lodge of Sincere Friendship, will now be heading up the Provincial team commitment to the TLC Charity and has had the above logo produced.

There will be more about the efforts of the Province in supporting TLC in a forthcoming article.

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