50 Years – Blimey, that went quick !

W. Bro Arthur Yardley PPrGReg – 50 years a freemason.

W. Bro Arthur Yardley PPrGReg

There is the expression to “drift by” with its connotation of a process of unhurriedly or aimless drift on life’s course.

Although it is an often used expression, there comes a time when we may look at life’s clock and wonder where did the time go?

50 years in Freemasonry is always a poignant moment to reflect on this and ask the very question.

Was it an aimless amble?

If you’re a Freemason with regular attendance at Lodge, then you will know that the vitality of a Lodge comes from a structure and not a drifting towards chaos.

Thus W. Bro Arthur Yardley PPrGReg has reached this pinnacle of masonic achievement and is to be congratulated on his masonic longevity and contribution to the well-being of the Lodges of which he still is a member.

W. Bro Arthur was born in December 1928 and is a Middlesex man having been born in Ashford.

In his working life Arthur followed his father as an engineer starting in the Royal Navy (RN) during National Service working on RN landing craft.

From this he continued as an engineer in the defence industry working on missile systems, including the Exocet of renown and also worked on European Space rockets.

This took him all over Europe. He ended his career as a Technical Director of his company.

He was Initiated into Staines Lodge, No 2536 on 24th January 1967, twice being Installed in the Master’s Chair.

He also held the post of Lodge Almoner and wrote a history of Staines Lodge.

He was appointed to Provincial rank in 1985 as PPrJGD, and promoted to PPrDepGReg in 1996 and again to PPrGReg in 2004.

In April 1971 W Bro Arthur became a Founding Member of Bedfont Lodge, No. 8381, where he still is a long serving and loyal supporter.

In the Holy Royal Arch he is a Member of London Stone Chapter, No 2536.

Under normal circumstances the presentation of a 50 year Certificate would be subject to a Lodge visit by an APGM.

But due to W. Bro Arthur’s infirmity and frailty (he is over 90) he has been unable to attend meetings at both Staines and Bedfont Lodges.

However, on Monday 15th October the Almoner of Bedfont Lodge, W. Bro John Hillman PPrJGD, was able to visit W. Bro Arthur Yardley at home and present him with his certificate for 50 years in Freemasonry.

He was absolutely delighted to receive the Certificate and lapel pin and thanked everyone for this momentous award.

So glasses raised to W. Bro Arthur with a wish for many more years as a Middlesex mason.

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