“Who’s that knocking at my door….?”

Members, Guest and Visitors of Round Table Lodge of Middlesex, No. 8301 at the Installation Meeting on Wednesday 13th November 2019

Wednesday 13th November 2019, which saw the 49th Installation Meeting of the Round Table Lodge of Middlesex, No. 8301 at Cole Court, was already lined up to be a special occasion.

The Pro Provincial Grand Master, R W Bro Peter R.A. Baker, was to be Installed into the Chair of King Solomon for the 50th year of the Lodge, following its Consecration on 24th November 1969, at which his Father in Law, W Bro Dr Fred Shepherd, was the Founding Secretary.

But there were surprises to come – our reporter on the ground, Lodge Senior Deacon W Bro Nick Reay, takes up the story….

“The formalities of the Ceremony were well underway, the Worshipful Master, W Bro Carlos Machado had invited visiting Masters of Jersey Lodge, No. 2163 (the Mother Lodge), Table Fellowship Lodge No. 8989 and Round Table Thames Valley Lodge, No.9697 to occupy the Wardens and Inner Guard offices.

He had then invited the Offices of his year to pass around the Lodge, so that he may thank them and to hand in their Collars and was just about to open the Lodge in the Second Degree, when there came an unexpected report on the door of the Lodge.

There is a Report –

The surprise visitors waiting to make their entrance

The Acting Inner Guard made the usual enquiries and returned to advise that W Bro Paul Jones, Past Provincial Deputy Grand Director of Ceremonies, was outside the door of the Lodge and demanded admission.

W Bro Paul entered the Lodge and informed the WM that W Bro John M. Taylor PSGD, Assistant Provincial Grand Master was outside and demanded admission, which, despite the suggestion of the Master Elect that he should decline the request, he of course agreed to.

W Bro John entered the Lodge, but was also accompanied by W Bro Jim Mitchell PAGDC, The Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies.

W Bro John was offered the gavel, which he declined, due to the impending Ceremony, but pointing to W Bro Jim said “but I want him to do it !”

W. Bro Jim then took the Chair of King Solomon to continue the Ceremony of the Installation of his “boss” to become the Worshipful Master of the Lodge.

As you can imagine, W Bro Jim conducted the Ceremony in good humour and it was clear that the whole Ceremony meant a lot to both the participants.

W Bro Jim thanked W Bro Carlos and the members of the Lodge for allowing him to perform the Installation, which was a unique opportunity for him and one he had been very much looking forward, but equally in trepidation.

Following the Appointment of the Officers, the Address to the Master was given by W Bro John Eynon, PAGDC, PProvDepGDC, whilst W Bro John Taylor “sang for his supper” by giving the Address to the Wardens and W Bro David Blair PPrGSuptWks gave the Address to the Brethren.

W Bro Carlos will get the opportunity of undertaking a full Installation Ceremony next November, as due to other commitments the Worshipful Master will be unable to attend the Meeting, so W Bro Carlos has 12 months in which to perfect the ritual.

“I knew there was something going on – “

“I knew there was something going on !“

48 dined at the Festive Board and during his speech, R W Bro Peter said he thought something was up, but he wasn’t sure what it was.

There had been a series of odd events, including the presence of The Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies “chauffeur” W Bro Tom James, the Provincial Tyler, at the meeting, even though Tom said he was a guest of W Bro John Eynon.

He had also noticed that the incoming Senior Deacon had placed his Charity Steward paperwork under the second chair along and that there were two wand stands – once a DC always a DC he said !

The newly Installed Worshipful Master is looking forward to presiding over the 50th Anniversary Meeting of the Lodge on Wednesday January 8th, which will include a demonstration of a Bristol Ritual Working – First Degree by members of the Lodge of Harmony, No. 7127.”

More photos of the evening can be viewed HERE

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