Round Table Charity Round Up

Even though they have not been able to meet for over a year, the Round Table Lodge of Middlesex No. 8301, based at Cole Court, has continued giving to worthy causes.

The members have approved donations totaling £1,300 from the Lodge Relief Chest at Zoom Meetings. which have been held informally in lieu of the actual Meetings over the past 12 months.

Causes which have benefitted from the generosity of the members are:-

- The Royal British Legion - £500 -

- The Samson Centre for MS - £200 -

- Shooting Star Children’s Hospices - £200 -

- The East Twickenham Neighbourhood Association Community Centre {ETNA) - £400 -

(l to r) Bro Pindi Tamana; Vanessa James;<br> Councillor Geoff Acton
(l to r) Bro Pindi Tamana; Vanessa James;
Councillor Geoff Acton

With the slight lifting of Covid restrictions, Bro Pindi Tamana of the Round Table Lodge was able to make a presentation in person, on behalf of the Lodge, to Councillor Geoff Acton, Deputy Chair of the Trustees of ETNA, which was witnessed by Vanessa James, the Centre Director, outside the ETNA premises located a short distance from Cole Court.

The ETNA Community Centre is an incorporated charity, based in the heart of East Twickenham. It provides a vital location for social activities and services for the community. It is home to a pre-school, charity offices, and also social and self-help groups. The clientele of the Centre spans across all different age demographic and social groups. It was set up in 1985.

They also host The Real Junk Food Project ( an award winning pay-as-you-feel surplus café and are also just completing a Sensory Garden Project ( )

Additionally the Lodge is continuing as a Supporting Lodge to the Association of Friends of Prince Michael of Kent Court ( )

Members have utilised the online facility set up by the MCF to continue making donations to the Lodge Relief Chest, which has so far raised £760.

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