Kenelm Lodge Celebrates 50 Years

Officers of the Lodge and Banner Dedication Team

Tuesday 8th December was a special day for Kenelm Lodge, No. 8255 as it celebrated its 50th Anniversary, together with the dedication of its new banner.

The Lodge had been planning this day for almost 2 years and W. Bro. Ken Sinclair had been tasked with designing the banner and seeking approval from the Provincial Office.

Over 80 Brethren attended the Meeting, which included over 40 visitors including RW. Bro. Stephen Fenton, PJGW, DepMetGM to make this a memorable occasion.

Unfortunately, the WM, W. Bro. John Cook, had been taken ill a few days before so their 2nd longest serving member W. Bro. Paul Greek, PAGDC, PPrDepGReg, SLGR stood in for him.

W. Bro. Barry Cramer, PSGD, DepPGM entered the Lodge, after the Minutes were read and confirmed, together with a full Banner Dedicating Provincial Team;

Dedicating Officer; W. Bro. Nigel A Codron, SGD, APGM
Dedicating Senior Warden; W. Bro. Julian D. Saunders, ProvSGW
Dedicating Junior Warden; W. Bro. Howard W. Hughes, ProvJGW
Dedicating Chaplain; W. Bro. The Rev. Dr. William F.G.Dolman, ProvGChap
Dedicating Director of Ceremonies; W. Bro. Justin E. Purcell, PProvDepGDC
Dedicating Inner Guard; W. Bro. Thomas F. James, ProvGTyler, PProvAGSwdB
accompanied by W. Bro. Howard Walters, PAGDC, PPrJGW, ProvGTreas, W. Bro Phil Cooper, ProvGStwd and W. Bro. Steve Thatcher, ProvGStwd

The DepPGM took the Chair to congratulate the Lodge on reaching this Masonic milestone and then invited the APGM to conduct the Ceremony.

The Lodge had been well drilled by the Dedicating DC as the Ceremony was faultless.

The WM then declared W. Bro. John Detre, PPrDepGReg as Master Elect, to be installed in February ’19, which is a fitting tribute to the Lodge’s 1st initiate in its 50th year.

There followed an excellent Festive Board where another senior member of the Lodge, W. Bro. Joe Dawson, PPrSGW, regaled us with some stories of the Lodge’s past.

Provincial Banner Dedication Team

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