Barking Comes To Middlesex !

Edengate Lodge’s Greyhound Rescue Support

Edengate Lodge, No. 8181 has raised £1,135 through the Ladies Night to help support a Greyhound re-homing charity.

Racing greyhounds are commonly retired when three years old with many healthy dogs being euthanised.

Castledon Greyhound Rescue takes them on to prevent this and try to find the dogs a good home.

Affectionate and gentle greyhounds make ideal family pets being couch potato athletes requiring just two 20 minute walks a day, they are also low hair shedding and rarely bark.

The WM of Edengate Lodge, W. Bro Lee Chamberlain, together with his wife Marcia and the greyhound Ravioli, presented a donation at the charity’s annual picnic.

Commenting afterwards he noted that it was such a shame that many people were overlooking the plight of such great dogs.

He encouraged anyone thinking about getting a dog to consider a greyhound.

Having also written about it to the local press, Lee remarked that many people outside of the Craft were unaware that charity is a big part of Freemasonry and he hoped that talking about it more in public would help people understand more about charities that are supported and the vast sums of money that are raised each year, more especially The Middlesex 2020 Festival where more than £3.5m has been raised in the past 4½ years.

This profile needed to become more publicly aware.

Dogs are a supposedly a man’s best friend and they really are wonderful companions.

Masonic support for this canine charity is a wonderful gesture.

Castledon Greyhound Rescue is an Essex based charity which takes on retired racing greyhounds.

They have a Facebook page, which is very active and more information can be found on the Charity’s website at

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