Sentimental Journey – Retracing A Masonic Past

W Bro Keith Watson of Lodge of Fidelity, No. 7974 was recently able to forge new links to an old connection.

Keith was born in Newcastle upon Tyne, but at the age of 21 he moved to Middlesex.

He was Initiated into Freemasonry 18th March 2010 in Lodge of Fidelity.

He took the Chair in 2016 and progressed in his masonic career by becoming an active Steward in 2020 until 2022.

W Bro Frank Lunn – St Anthony’s Lodge No 4432 – Province of Northumberland

He had been told by his mother that his grandfather, Frank Lunn born in 1891 had been a Freemason.

But as he had died 14 years before Keith was born, there had been no connection or masonic nurture passed on to Keith.

However, being tenacious, Keith decided to find out a little bit more about his Grandad Frank.

He knew from his mother that Frank had been a member of St. Anthony’s Lodge, No. 4432, consecrated in 1922.

Keith conducted some further research on the internet and to his delight found that the Lodge was still in existence.

Contact was made with the Lodge Secretary in 2019 and Keith discovered that his grandfather had been Worshipful Master in 1943, when he was aged 52.

Keith immediately made plans to travel to Newcastle in 2020 and attend a meeting in the very place his Grandad had frequented all those years ago.

The Best Laid Plans –

(l to r) W Bro Keith Watson PProvGStwd; W Bro Wilfred Crawford (WM); W Bro Malcolm Coley PProvSGD (Acting Tyler); VW Bro Kevin Peter Stannard PGSwdB (Deputy Provincial Grand Master); W Bro David Farnsworth PProvAGDC

The Covid world-wide pandemic, coincidentally similar to one that W Bro Frank Lunn must also have lived through after the First World War (the Spanish flu pandemic), scuppered many travel plans around the world including Keith’s plan to visit Newcastle.

However, he kept in touch with the Lodge Secretary and was subsequently delighted to discover that 2022 was the Centenary Year of the Lodge.

He decided to register his interest in attending the celebration.

Keith was able to fly to Newcastle and participate in the Centenary meeting at Byker Masonic Centre on 2nd July.
It had been arranged that the Lodge would be presented with a Centenary Certificate by RW Bro Ian Craigs, Provincial Grand Master for the Province of Northumberland.

But Covid was not quite finished with its scuppering – the Provincial Grand Master having contacted the disease, and he was unable to attend.

Fortunately, the Deputy PGM, VW Bro Kevin Stannard was able to rescue the occasion and, assisted by the Provincial team, opened the Lodge as a Provincial Grand Lodge.

The Centenary Certificate was presented by VW Bro Kevin and all members were presented with a Centenary Jewel.
W Bro Keith was delighted to have been made so welcome, even though he knew none of the Brethren.

He rated the meeting as one of the most memorable of his masonic journey thus far and a highlight of his masonic career.

W Bro Frank, seen in the photo above, looks like an upright and proud mason.

Keith is pleased to have made new masonic friends in his birthplace and will be looking forward to a further visit and extending invitations for a visit to our own Province of Middlesex.

A thanks to W Bro Frank O’Keeffe PPrSGD, Media Team Member, for the write up.

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