Yabba ‘Dhaba’ Do – Drinking Chai in Harrow

Chai in Harrow

COVID has seen some dark days for Freemasonry and not too much to celebrate of late.

At the same time, however, it has given time to reflect on the simple pleasures in life and allowed us to cherish the 4 pillars of our masonic attributes ‘Integrity, Friendship, Respect & Charity’.

Therefore, and rightly so, we can allow us ourselves to delight in the pleasure of a simple ‘afternoon’ tea.

This may be taken in the ‘Dhaba’ used by Kenton Manor Lodge, No. 7882 members.

A ‘Dhaba’ is a roadside restaurant in the Indian subcontinent.

They are situated on highways, generally serve local cuisine and also serve as truck stops and most commonly found next to petrol stations.

An Indian equivalent of a 24/7 but serving food and chai -(en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dhaba)

Pictured here are W Bro Sanjiv Shah, Lodge Secretary and W Bro Iqbal Tibb Asst Sec of Kenton Manor Lodge taking a break from Lodge Secretarial working day to enjoy Tea at the local “Dhaba” – (The Shree Krishna Vada Pav in Harrow) and celebrate the success of the Covid Vaccine delivered from the Serum Institute in Mumbai/Pune, India to the NHS all over the UK and in particular to facilities in Harrow. (see skvp.co.uk/harrow.html)

Keep up the good work Brethren !

And let us not forget that for every successful meeting, every pound raised, or good deed performed by us freemasons, there are many hours of hard work put in by Lodge members across our Province on a daily basis, in spite of Covid restrictions.

These all contribute to reaching those golden moments which will be recalled in times to come.

Message from the Provincial Communications Officer – “Let us know how your Lodge is progressing and let the media team know about off the wall locations for meeting up with masonic colleagues for chai or otherwise send to news@pglm.org.uk

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