Featherstone Lodge supports the Stephen Fry BBC 4 Radio Appeal

The very well known figure of Stephen Fry, together with Prostate Cancer sufferer Martin Dallison, is keen to promote awareness of the work that the Prostate Cancer Research Charity is carrying out to relieve this dreadful disease.

This will be by way of several radio broadcasts on Sunday 16th December at 07.55 and 21.26, and additionally on Thursday 20th December at 15.27.

Stephen Fry having been diagnosed underwent surgery in January 2018 and has recovered well from surgery from prostate cancer and said “it all seemed to go pretty well, They took the prostate out and so far as we know it’s all been got.” He said it was an “aggressive” cancer but it “doesn’t seem” to have spread.

His partner on the Radio Appeal is Martin Dallison has been less fortunate and his cancer is incurable.

The Charity being supported is one well known amongst Middlesex Masons – the Prostate Cancer Research Centre – which is developing clinical ways of providing a cure.

The Charity’s scientists have discovered how to use a particular protein which will stimulate the immune system to attack prostate cancer cells.

This has been successfully demonstrated in the laboratory and a test will be carried out men with the disease during 2019.

Over a number of years Featherstone Lodge, No. 7851 has supported the Prostate Cancer Research Charity which looks especially at clinical ways The Lodge has hitherto organised special events in order to raise money towards this Charity which originally centred on the Snowdon 500 which offers the opportunity for participants to climb the highest mountain in England and Wales and raise money for this Charity in particular.

This was extended to embrace The Welsh Three Peaks Challenge which includes a total walking distance of 17 miles (27.4km) and an ascent of 2334 metres (7657ft), usually in less than 24-hours. Not for the feint hearted.

Many Middlesex Masons support those who take part by way of sponsorship

As men and freemasons we will know the importance of doing everything possible to help ameliorate the worst effects of prostate cancer and this Charity is certainly one worthy of our further support.

More information about the Charity may be found on www.pcr.org.uk


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