A Semicentennial Celebration and a Doctor in the house at Featherstone Lodge

Members of the Lodge with ( from the left ) VO W bro. Paul Darling-Wills MBE PProvSGD; Worshipful Master W Bro Michael Blake; Initiate Bro. James Beckett and W Bro. Stuart Robinson PPrJGW (PPrGSN)

The Members of Featherstone Lodge, No. 7851, who meet at Uxbridge Masonic Centre, put on a big show at their Meeting of the 9th February.

It was a busy and a special day as W. Bro Stuart Robinson PPrJGW celebrated 50 years of Freemasonry.

Other Brethren who wished to get in on the act also stated their Lodge longevity in celebrating 30th and 46th anniversaries, since their Initiations into the Lodge.

These were W Bro. Michael Long PPrJGW and W. Bro Malcolm Birchall PPrJGW.

However, W. Bro Stuart Robinson’s thunder was not to be stolen and he was presented with his 50 Year Long Service Certificate by Visiting Officer, W Bro. Paul Darling-Wills MBE PProvSGD, who proceeded to give the presentation with a summary of Stuart’s Masonic career.

W. Bro Stuart is from Liverpool, but left home for horizons new when he was 17 years old.

He was no stranger to Freemasonry and several members of his family were Freemasons, including his father.

Working for Unilever, W Bro. Stuart arrived in London with his pregnant wife finding it difficult to get allocated a maternity hospital bed for her.

Fortunately his manager at work introduced him to a local Doctor, who organized things and became his GP.

This was the late W Bro. Fred Shepherd, who had been a Founder of Featherstone Lodge.

Subsequently he introduced W Bro. Stuart, who was Initiated in December 1968, Passed on the 8th February 1970 and Raised two months later on the 12th April.

He became a Member of the Holy Royal Arch in the same year on the 4th July, being Exalted into Featherstone Chapter, No. 7851 (which closed in 2009).

VO W Bro. Paul Darling Wills presenting a 50 year long service Certificate to W Bro. Stuart Robinson

A Lincolnshire Sojourn –

Stuart’s work took him to Lincolnshire, where he lived for 12 years and whilst there he joined a local Lodge, Shire Lodge, No. 5610 in Sleaford, and was a Founding Member of St Denys Lodge, No. 9032.

But even whilst away, he regularly attended Featherstone Lodge and became its Worshipful Master on the 13th September 1980.

Although Stuart was involved with many other Masonic Orders, upon his return to the South he consolidated his Freemasonry and settled on Craft, Royal Arch, and Rose Croix.

In 1995 he was a Founding Member of the Scriveners’ Lodge, No. 9588, the first Lodge for Secretaries.

He is also a Member of Internet Lodge, No. 9659, with its 501 membership, worldwide and currently serves as Almoner.

Stuart has occupied every Office in Lodge, except Tyler, most notably as Secretary and Treasurer in both Featherstone Lodge and Chapter.

He is a life-long supporter of Everton FC and a Trustee of a small non-Masonic charity named The Silver Lining, which helps people who have suffered brain damage to optimise their lives.

This Meeting which celebrated 126 years of Masonic service through the three Members mentioned above was made especially memorable as a new Candidate was Initiated.

New Initiate Bro. James Beckett with his Proposer W Bro. Peter Webb PPrJGW and his Seconder Bro. Sam Daulby.

Is There A Doctor In The House ? –

There is now – and the Lodge welcomed 28 year old Doctor/Brother James Beckett from Southbourne in West Sussex.

He is currently employed by the National Health Service at Queen Alexandra Hospital in Portsmouth.

He was Proposed by Lodge Member W Bro. Peter Webb PPrJGW and Seconded by Bro. Sam Daulby.

With W Bro. Stuart Robinson being introduced to the Lodge by his GP 50 years ago, maybe this will be the start of a new trend. Let’s hope so.

Following the Meeting the Brethren of Featherstone Lodge held the Festive Board at the Uxbridge Masonic Centre, where a Masonically themed cake donated by Brother Hailes Seraphin, which had been made by his wife Valerie, was raffled in the cause of charity.

See: www.featherstonelodge.co.uk/


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