The Hayes of Middlesex

(l to r): Bro. Michael Hayes;, W.Bro. Tim Hayes PPGJD; W.Bro. Chris Hayes; W.Bro. Greg Hayes PPGReg and Bro. James Hayes.

If this had been a Sicilian Lodge then one might have worried just a little about the family involvement, but reassuringly there was no mention of a Don Corleone in the Attendance Register.

At the recent Installation Meeting of Featherstone Lodge, No. 7851 on Saturday 14th September 5 members of the Hayes family attended.

What an amazing turn out with 5 Brothers, 2 Uncles and another Hayes family member, a permanently invited guest from Fidelity Lodge, No. 6487.

This is where it becomes complicated.

A grateful and proud Chris Hayes was Installed into the Chair of King Solomon by his older brother, W. Bro. Greg Hayes PPGReg.

The Address to the Master was given by his younger brother and Featherstone Lodge’s “permanently invited guest” W. Bro Tim Hayes PPGJD – Fidelity Lodge No.6487.

Also in attendance were the newly Installed Master’s two eldest sons, Brothers James and Michael Hayes.

James delivered the 2nd Degree Working Tools and afterwards was appointed and invested as the Senior Warden of the Lodge, whilst Michael was invested as Steward having previously acted as Inner Guard.

The Dynasty will roll on next year when the new Worshipful Master will install his brother James into the Chair of King Solomon. No doubt there will be the Hayes entourage present to make it once again a family occasion.

A Masonic Musical Connection –

At the festive board the Worshipful Master explained how proud he was to be Master of Featherstone Lodge, not only because of the Brethren within the Lodge including his family members, but also because of the link to his old school – Featherstone High School in Southall, Middlesex.

Many other Featherstone Lodge members were ex-students of the school including Tim and Greg Hayes who attended Featherstone School between 1967 and 1974 with Greg becoming Head of Music at the school and bandmaster between 1980-92.

The newly installed Master W. Bro. Chris Hayes was initiated into the Incorporated Society of Musicians Lodge no. 2881 in October 1991, joining Sibelius Lodge no. 9448 in 1994, Castle Point Lodge no. 9122 in 1998, then becoming a joining member of Featherstone Lodge no.7851 in September 2012.

Featherstone Lodge Members and Guests at the 237th meeting held at the Uxbridge Masonic Centre on Saturday 14th September, 2019.
Front row from Left to Right: Visiting Officer W.Bro Paul Darling-Wills MBE PProvSGD, W.Bro. Chris Hayes, W.Bro. Michael Blake ( IPM ) and Honorary Member W.Bro. Mike Purdy PGStB PPrJGW

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