Food Banksy

Featherstone Lodge, No.7851 Charity Steward Bro. Kevin Gold standing next to recently donated foods at the Hillingdon Foodbank

The infamous street artist Banksy may be considered controversial and has been described as vandal, political activist and proponent of satirical street apparently combining dark humour with graffiti.

Much is made of a new discovery of one his works when it turns up.

Indeed, some have taken exception to his work and recently a painting was itself subject to vandalism.

However, there is a new and more useful type of “Banksy” which alludes to the provision of emergency food supplies to people in crisis; a Food Banksy.

This has been embraced by members of Featherstone Lodge, No. 7851 with a great degree of success.

Every day people in the UK go hungry for reasons ranging from redundancy to receiving an unexpected bill on a low income.

A simple box of food can make a big difference.

Foodbanks can help prevent crime, housing loss, family breakdown and mental health problems.

For this reason and in an effort to support their local foodbank members of Featherstone Lodge, No. 7851 recently donated large quantities of essential food items which the Hillingdon Foodbank had specifically identified as being essential for their clients.

A Nationwide Network –

The Foodbank provide three days’ of nutritionally balanced emergency food and support to local people who are referred to them in crisis.

There is a nationwide network of foodbanks supported by The Trussell Trust which supports about 428 altogether.

Founded in 1997 it is working to combat poverty and hunger.

The Hillingdon Foodbank in particular is a project founded by local churches and community groups, working together towards stopping hunger in the Hillingdon area.

It is run by local people for local people and relies on the community’s support to ensure that they can continue to stop people going hungry.

It was the first foodbank in Metropolitan London at Uxbridge and was established in 2009.

Future Plans –

Featherstone Lodge plans to hold another drive to collect essential foods in June 2020 in time for this year’s harvest festival.

The Lodge would welcome any donations which the Uxbridge Masonic Centre has offered to store.

This is a story of true community spirit and is to be applauded.

The VSL gives us good advice in relation to feeding the hungry.

Isaiah 58:10 tells us that “if you give some of your own food to feed those who are hungry and to satisfy the needs of those who are humble, then your light will rise in the dark, and your darkness will become as bright as the noonday sun”.

There is something very masonic in that scriptural message.

Which type of Banksy are you ?

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