Temple of Uxbridge Lodge – Two 50 Year Certificates

Temple of Uxbridge Lodge, No. 7660 – Monday 4th July 2022

On the 4th July, WM Master, James Bradshaw along with his Officers and Brethren of Temple of Uxbridge Lodge, No. 7660, were delighted to receive an Official Visit from W Bro John E C Leggett, PSGD AProvGM, accompanied by his DC and full escort to perform a very special duty.

( l to r) W Bro Dudley Smith; W Bro John Leggett APGM; W.Bro. Peter Halls-Dickerson

After witnessing a Ceremony of Passing, the Brethren of the Lodge were treated not once, but twice, to a very rare and special presentations of 50 years certificates for W Bro Dudley Smith PPrSGW who was Initiated into Temple of Uxbridge Lodge on 8th February 1971, some 51 Years, 4 Months and 26 Days Service, and to W Bro Peter Halls-Dickerson PJGD, PPrJGW, who was Initiated into Temple of Uxbridge Lodge on 14th February 1972, 50 Years 4 Months and 20 Days Service.

Together they have a combined Service of 101 Years, 9 Months and 16 Days, or 37,177 days of Freemasonry !

Dudley became WM of the Lodge for the first time in 1980 and is currently the Lodge Mentor.

Peter went through the Chair ahead of Dudley in 1978 and was appointed Provincial Grand Master of the Mark Degree in Middlesex in October, 2001.

Both of our Distinguished Brethren reminisced about their 50 years in Masonry and Temple of Uxbridge Lodge with W Bro John, who said he was delighted to make the presentations.

Speaking afterwards, W Bro John Leggett said, “It is very rare to present a 50 year certificate in a lodge, and to present two Certificates in the same Lodge on the same evening is an extraordinarily rare event indeed”.

Afterwards, the Brethren enjoyed a friendly, lively, and enjoyable Festive Board observing the usual toast list and special toasts to our distinguished and long serving Brethren.

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