One down, two to go – it’s all smiles at Electron Lodge

Members of Electron Lodge, No. 7527 including Initiate Bro Charles Miles and his father Don

There are a number of events in life that hold a special place in our hearts and high up on that list for a father is Initiating his son into Freemasonry.

In December 2021 Don Miles was able to do just that, welcoming his son Charles into Electron Lodge, No. 7527 by conducting the ceremony of his Initiation.

Bro Charles Miles and W Bro Don Miles

As you can see from the photographs, it was a very happy occasion – “The grin didn’t leave his face throughout”, said Don.

The ceremony was marked by Don giving the first of 1723 Charges from the Anderson’s Constitutions of that year.

Essentially, the Charge highlighted universality of the Craft in that it is open to all men of faith without concern to the specific of their faith.

Given the easing in COVID restrictions, there was a full Festive Board, so Charles was able to enjoy the normal Masonic experience.

Our new Brother has joined a Lodge which has an increasing number of younger brethren and the plan is for him to be Passed and Raised by Summer this year.

The celebrations for Don didn’t stop there.

This year he celebrates 25 years since he was himself Initiated into Electron Lodge, and as well as the upcoming Ceremonies of Passing and Raising for Charles, he has two more sons, Henry and James, both of whom are keen to join the Lodge, when their University studies allow them the time.

And while Don originally thought he was the first member of his family to become a Mason, his recent ancestry research revealed that his Great Grandfather was in a Lodge in Lahore – his exploits sound like they have the makings of a film script but that, as they say, is another story….

A grateful thanks to W. Bro Ian Mitchell, Media Team member for his edit.

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