Ye’ll tak’ the High Road and I’ll be in Harrow afore ye !

Brethren of Electron Lodge, No. 7527 and visitors

W. Bro Nigel Codron SGD APGM, W. Bro James Gregory WM, the Initiate Bro Stephen Lindsay and he Brerthren from Scotland including Stephen’s father with IG sash.

Scotland comes to Harrow, but the above lyrics do not have the same ring as the Bonnie Banks of Loch Lomond.

Scotland’s loss is Middlesex’s gain it seems.

Bro. Stephen Lindsay is now a proud Member of Electron Lodge, No. 7527, which meets at the Harrow District Masonic Centre.

His father is a Member of the Scottish Rite in Buchanan Lodge, No. 1499 in the Grand Lodge of Scotland which meets in Lanarkshire and he is currently serving in the Office of Inner Guard.

His grandfather and great grandfather were also Freemasons and this shows just how the Principles and Tenets of our craft have been passed through his family from Generation to Generation.

Stephen would have been delighted to join his father’s Lodge in Scotland, but living in Surrey it would have been very difficult to regularly attend Lodge meetings in Scotland.

So Brothers Dave Senior and Paul West respectively Proposed and Seconded him to join Electron Lodge.

Stephen thoroughly enjoyed his Initiation ceremony which took place on Saturday 8th December 2018.

It was extra special for him as he was Initiated in the presence of his father who had made the special trip down to witness it with another member of Buchanan Lodge.

This will most definitely remain a warm memory in both their hearts for years to come.

Stephen’s father and his friend remarked on how sincere and well presented the Initiation meeting was and even though most of it is still a blur for Stephen himself, he is keen to find out more and progress further up the Masonic ladder.

The Initiation meeting was made all the more special by the presence of W Bro. Nigel Codron SGD, APGM, who welcomed Bro. Stephen Lindsay to the Province of Middlesex in general and to Electron Lodge in particular and wished him many happy years to enjoy his Freemasonry.

W. Bro Nigel Codron SGD APGM with W. Bro George Welsch a permanently invited guest from Strawberry Hill Lodge No 946 who celebrated his 90th birthday on the same day. George’s son in law is on his left – W. Bro Neil Goodhead of Electron Lodge

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