On Yer Bike, or Give It Away !

The Salvation Army Want Your Bike –

W Bro Allan Pulford, a member of The Circle of Friendship Lodge, No. 7320, and W Bro Campbell Caraher of Temple of Athene Lodge, No. 9541 have been extolling the praises of Salvation Army (SA), Lieutenant Sylvia Overton of the Hayes branch of the Army.

This is one of the foodbanks and SA depots around the Province, to whom Allan and Campbell have been involved in delivering food supplies.

They report that Lieutenant Sylvia has been doing some amazing work with asylum seekers, the homeless, and displaced and disadvantaged people.

She is trying hard to get these people back into mainstream society and, where possible, into regular work.

In many cases the chances of success depend on their mobility and Sylvia has been assisting them by giving bicycles to some of the men and women under her care to facilitate them getting about more easily.

That, of course has been particularly important during the Covid-19 emergency and the restrictions it has placed on the use of public transport.

Sylvia has found this an excellent way to give them a measure of independence and enable them to get out and about to find or attend work.

Resources, however, are not limitless and she has now exhausted her supply of bicycles, which has led Allan and Campbell to make an appeal on behalf of the Salvation Army in Hayes.

They ask all Middlesex Freemasons to dig out of their garages or garden sheds any bicycles they no longer use that could be put to good use by helping Lieutenant Sylvia give the people in her care a better chance of getting into mainstream society and perhaps into regular work.

If you can help, please contact Allan Pulford (Email: allanpulford@gmail.com; 07850 230826) and he will see what may be done to arrange collection from either a Masonic centre or members’ homes.

Your help would be much appreciated, not just by Allan and Campbell, but also by Lieutenant Sylvia Overton and the people in her care who might benefit from your generosity.

A grateful thanks to W. Bro David Pearson PProvGSec for the write up.

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