Our Man Adam

A Younger Mason in Middlesex –

W Bro Adam Camp

Middlesex Media has always been pleased to present news from Lodges and Chapters in the Province and report goings on.

Even though we have not met for some time now, there is much of news value to highlight the individual and collective initiatives undertaken by Middlesex Masons.

These stories have been reported here and what is particularly gratifying is the involvement of younger Masons in the Province and their ongoing charitable endeavours together with their older colleagues.

Utilising the Assets –

W Bro Adam Camp is one such younger member of our masonic community and having been furloughed during the “lockdown” period, was able to utilise his firm’s van to enable him to participate in local food distribution.
Adam is General Manager for Handdels London, an Events Logistics Company.

With the full support of the company and its CEO Iain Andre, it was Adam’s initiative to suggest the use of the company vehicles rather than have them laying idle.

So, In this way they were utilised by Brother Adam by his local Baptist Church (Lindsay Park Baptist Church), where he is a member, which serves as a distribution point for Brent Foodbank on Wednesdays.

The other main outlet is at Neasden on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Food Bank Generosity –

Fortunately public donations of food through the supermarkets have increased in volume which has meant additional collections and storage.

The Church further assisted by allowing the Church Hall to be used for temporary storage.

Brother Adam is a vital part of this operation and has reported that the amount of food collected and weighed in on a good day might amount to 2 tonnes of food.

The critical thing here is that Middlesex Masons are also participating in volunteering with other outside agencies in feeding the less fortunate at this time.

The list goes on and even after all the organisation of collection and distribution Adam has still found time to upgrade the network structure at his Church, which has enabled live-streaming of services on Sunday mornings.

He was recruited to join the team to manage social media i.e., Twitter and Facebook but has now found a niche using his technical skills to work on the web version of The Mercury (formerly The Mercury Lite) and more recently video editing.

Masonically Speaking –

W. Bro Adam is a member of Circle of Friendship Lodge, No. 7320, which is his Mother Lodge and currently holds the office of Senior Deacon.

He was initiated in September 2014 and since then he has shown tremendous enthusiasm for the Craft.

His Passing took place in Hale Lodge, No. 5141 on behalf of Circle of Friendship and has subsequently become a permanently invited guest as well as being invited to play Organ.

Meanwhile, Adam got embroiled with Hundred Elms Lodge, No. 5749 where after being invited to play Organ and then becoming a Joining Member in 2016, he was subsequently Installed as Master in January 2019.

Motto: Don’t own up to playing the Organ.

Not content with that, Adam subsequently became a Royal Arch Mason in Hale Chapter, No. 5141 where he holds Office as Second Principal.

He is on record as saying that ritual excites and challenges him and that as an EA he took on the challenge of delivering the First Degree Tracing Board to a new initiate.

As Middlesex Freemasons we surely applaud such enthusiasm and dedication as our younger members are the key to the future.

The Brent Foodbank is operated by the Trussell Trust, please go to brent.foodbank.org.uk to find out more about the Food Bank and how you might be able to help.

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