Circle of Friendship Lodge, No. 7320 – further donation to 2020 Festival

(L to R) W Bro Alfie Buckland -DC; W Bro Vic Webber – WM; W Bro John Briggs – Prov Charity Stwd; Bro Jayesh Maru – Charity Stwd

Wednesday 5th September – Circle of Friendship Lodge, No.7320

W Bro John Briggs Provincial Charity Steward was invited to a Meeting of the Lodge where Bro Jayesh Maru, the Lodge Charity Steward presented John with a cheque for £1,000 to go towards The 2020 Festival.

The Lodge has managed to raise the magnificent sum of £23,641.40 for The 2020 Festival, which has qualified them for Platinum Grand Patron Honorific.

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