An Irish Blessing from Feltham Lodge, No. 7307

Many Middlesex Masons will have visited Erin’s Green Isle either as tourists or to visit family.

For those of us who are not of an Irish background will no doubt have been enchanted by the beautiful countryside and the friendliness of Irish people both North and South of the Border.

Indeed, Ireland possesses a rich array of cultural treasures from literature to music and, of course, it was predominantly Irish freemasons who in opposition to the “Moderns”, set up their own Grand Lodge of England according to the Old Institution – the “Antients”. This, therefore, forms part of our masonic heritage.

However, the particular message from Feltham Lodge, No. 7307 relates to the creation of a WhatsApp group for its members by the Lodge Almoner, W Bro Bob Smallman.

The role of Lodge Almoner is never more vital at this period and any means of encouragement and outreach to the members is to be applauded.

Sometimes this may be a funny story or illustration which might just bring a smile to your face.

On New Years Day W Bro Bob, through the medium of WhatApp, posted a video which has found a resonance amongst the members of the Lodge and they are keen to share this with you as poignant reminder that even in these times of turmoil there are positives which will see us through.

Watch an Irish Blessing which has been shared with you by Feltham Lodge.

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