Every Little Helps – Happy Endings for a Veteran

Every story is that bit better for a happy ending.

In “Veterans Matterhttps://pglm.org.uk/l7290-veterans-matter/ we reported the kindness afforded to a former soldier, who was down on his luck, and had received help and encouragement from the Brethren of Ruislip Priory Lodge, No. 7290, led by its Charity Steward, W Bro John Harris.

W Bro John had enjoyed further success selling donated electrical tools on eBay.

He also sold a coin from his collection of coins for £30.00.

Additional donations from Members of the Lodge brought the earnings up to £96.00.

At a BBQ hosted by John and his partner, our Veteran was given £100.00 to help him and his family.

This was particularly special as it was his daughter’s birthday the following day.

Better still, while socialising at the barbecue W Bro John introduced the soldier to a friend, who ran his own business and was looking for someone to fill a position in his factory.

The two got together afterwards a job offer was made and was accepted.

The former soldier is now gainfully employed, on the way to recovery from his bad times and able to support his family and enjoy life again.

This is a fantastic outcome for all concerned.

Well done to W Bro John Harris and the Brethren of Ruislip Priory Lodge.

The Masonic Province of Middlesex is proud of you.

A grateful thanks to W. Bro David Pearson PProvGSec for the story.

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