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Once again masonic generosity knows no bounds.

Certainly, the recent summer period of pandemic and the ongoing consequences presented its own difficulties.

Now that we enter the winter period with the first frosts, it becomes more imperative that those who need help become our priority.

W. Bro David Pearson PProvGSec has provided the following report on the generosity of the Brethren of Ruislip Priory Lodge, No. 7290 in reaching out and offering some vital cash to help where needed.

“This Covid19 affected year has raised in the minds of many Brethren the question of what has happened to the dining element of our full membership fees, when we have not been dining ?

The Lodge has collected the fees and has not had to pay the Centres for meals taken.

When will we get a refund ? is the call heard by quite a few Treasurers.

Well, perhaps the Charity Steward can help to resolve the issue.

Take the example of Ruislip Priory Lodge No 7290, whose Charity Steward is W Bro John Harris.

W Bro John and the Lodge have featured before in articles covering the money he has raised by selling on eBay unwanted tools, etc.

He suggested to the Lodge members that they might like to consider donating their unused dining fees to a local charity.

In this instance they chose Trinity ( which does a tremendous job helping the homeless and needy in Uxbridge.

The unused dining fees from two missed meetings this year amounted to £300.00, which has gone to Trinity to help with the provision of food parcels at Christmas.

W Bro John has declared that his role as Charity Steward has been made easy by the generosity of the Lodge members.

I only have to suggest something,” he says, “and they’re all up for it !”.

He has further augmented this with £126.00 more raised through eBay sales.

He expressed his thanks to Lodge members for their outstanding contributions to various charities over the years.

The Brethren of Ruislip Priory Lodge have set an example to other Brethren in the Province by turning a loss to themselves into a positive benefit to those in real need”.

(There is so much need out there on the streets and it is a wonder that we are well into the 21st Century and are witness to this kind of deprivation.

One of the better attributes of freemasonry is providing relief and comfort to the distressed.

We should also be aware of those of our younger Brethren who may have lost their jobs and have had to face other difficulties in income generation.

Let us ever be mindful of the needs of others. Ed)

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