Stop Me and Get One Free

Middlesex Masons in Lockdown –

“Stop Me And Buy One” – Bro Jason – the ice cream man

Older Middlesex Masons will remember the Walls Ice Cream Man who had a tricycle with a container of ice cream for sale.

You might have spotted him at the Park on a Sunday afternoon.

Walls had a slogan which was, “Stop Me And Buy One”.

Fast forward to 2020. Bro Jason Clements of Ruislip Priory Lodge, No. 7290 is an ice cream vendor of the modern ilk selling Mr Whippi.

He is one of those masons who is focussed on what he might do in the Community.

Locally in Buckinghamshire where he lives he takes part in a winter night shelter initiative with Wycombe Homeless Connection, a local charity which assists in providing overnight accommodation in the coldest months of the year to the homeless.(

Giving back to the Community –

The family on his mother’s side have been involved in the ice cream trade for a number of years and Jason has found his forte in the business.

Given his altruistic tendencies he is always thinking of ways he might give something back to the community in which he lives.

Jason uses social media in advertising his wares and it was a through a contact who works for the NHS in Marlow that Jason was invited to sell ice cream to members of staff, especially in the recent warmer weather.

This was planned for June 6th.

Jason went one better and this was a way to give something back to the NHS workers who had toiled during the weeks of pandemic.

He offered to supply ice creams for free.

A programme and schedule of visits to surgeries in Buckinghamshire and also to High Wycombe Hospital was planned and Jason did the rounds.

The NHS staff were absolutely delighted.

This was a gesture of a different kind and amounted to a gift, in terms of the number of free ice creams vended, of several hundred pounds.

Jason’s slogan no doubt was “Stop Me and Get One Free”.

Middlesex Masons can be proud of the achievement of Brother Jason who chose a novel way of making his personal contribution to NHS workers as a way of saying, “Thank you”.

Mr Whippi in action and a glowing testimonial

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