Unlocking Value in Lockdown

W Bro John Harris Charity Steward of Ruislip Priory Lodge, No. 7290

W Bro John Harris is the experienced Charity Steward of Ruislip Priory Lodge, No. 7290, where he was initiated in 1983.

Like all of us, he has found time on his hands in the past three months and he has put that to good use in support of the front line NHS by putting for sale on eBay a collection of old regalia and Masonic Jewels he had collected.

He then went a step further and sorted out from his lockup an array of electrical tools, hand tools and bits and pieces he is never likely to use again, also for sale on eBay.

To his surprise and delight bids started coming in and he raised £275.00, which he then donated to the NHS through Ruislip Priory Lodge.

Fired with enthusiasm as a result of this success, he went on to sell some more old regalia, tools, a watch, an air rifle, miscellaneous bits and pieces, all of which raised a further £423.00 through eBay.

This sum he also channelled to the NHS through Ruislip Priory Lodge; so, a total of £697.00, which he rounded up to £700.00.

Another pleasant surprise came when a member of the Lodge donated £300.00 to make it the round £1,000.00.

These donations through the Lodge were made to the wonderful project inspired by Captain Tom Moore in support of the work of the NHS staff in tackling Covid-19.

W Bro John is delighted to report that Lodge members and others are still donating items for him to sell.

Ruislip Priory Lodge also supports Trinity, based in Uxbridge (www.wearetrinity.org.uk), which combats homelessness and to which it has donated £400.00.

This has effectively supplied four welcome packs for homeless persons, which gives them a measure of dignity in their plight.

That, however, is not all.

John and his partner, Theresa, had been saving £2 coins in a Terramundi money pot.

When they opened it they were amazed to find it contained some £800.00 and even more amazed when banking it to be told by the bank cashier that there are potential riches in £2 coins depicting special events and that they should examine their coins.

Investigation on Google revealed the range of values placed on such coins.

John has now started his next project, which is to advertise some of his £2 coins on eBay to try to raise even more money to donate to the NHS.

A grateful thanks to W. Bro David Pearson PProvGSec for this article.

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