Oh What a Night for Boston Manor Lodge !

White Table meetings are always special for any Lodge, being the chance to show to our families and friends what we do and explain to them how and why we do it.

The event held by Boston Manor Lodge, No. 7151 on 27th September 2019 at Cole Court was spectacular with 91 in attendance.

The Lodge Secretary, W Bro Peter Gledhill, had approached the Provincial Grand Orator, W Bro Andrew Farleigh, with a request for a guest speaker to address the gathered multitude with something of Masonic interest suitable for presentation to Masons and non-Masons alike.

W Bro David Pearson

The lot fell to W Bro David Pearson, former Provincial Grand Secretary, and Provincial Media Team member, who presented a general introduction to and a brief history of Freemasonry, which was aimed primarily at those who knew little or nothing about the subject, but which also might shed some enlightenment to the Freemasons present.

This occasion was unique in the speaker’s experience as it was the first time he had ever addressed a gathering as “Ladies, Gentlemen, Brethren and Children”.

Yes, there were a number of very young family members present – it is clearly the aim of Boston Manor Lodge to start their recruitment as early as possible.

The talk in the Norman Moore Temple included a brief description of the different offices in the Lodge and was well received by everyone present and led to a short but very interesting session of questions and answers arising from the presentation.

The evening continued in the main dining room with a lively and convivial festive board at which a handsome sum was raised through a well organised raffle and W Bro Pearson was thanked for his attendance and presented with a generous donation for his chosen charity, St Luke’s Hospice, Kenton Grange.

All in all, a thoroughly enjoyable and instructive evening, which might well lead to the eventual creation of some new Freemasons.

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