To the Manor Born

W Bro Rajesh Desai presenting cheques to Claire McInally

W Bro Rajesh Desai, Director of Ceremonies of Boston Manor Lodge, No. 7151 presented two cheques to the Keech Hospice Care based in Luton on the 15th October. (

These were presented to Claire McInally, Relations Manager.

Keech Hospice Care provides specialist care for adults and children with terminal and life-limiting illnesses as well as vital support for their families and friends (

One cheque was from the Lodge for £200 and the other cheque was a personal donation of £501 from W Bro Desai by way of a thank you, as the hospice had taken care of his mother.

She sadly passed away whilst in their care earlier in the year.

Giving a sum of 501, or other sums ending with a 1 in the Hindu culture, is not uncommon and there are reasons for this. 0 denotes a finality whist a figure ending in 1 is indivisible. These reasons can be explored by the reader through a Google search.

The Lodge has also been generous in its charitable to gifts to a number of other charities during the course of the year:

• Samaritans – £350 (
• Refuge – £350 (
• Sew Aday – £300 (
• Ealing Foodbank – £300 (
• Ileostamy and Bag Charity – £250 (
• Marie Curie Nurses – £200 (

These donations are made to a wide variety of worthy causes and the Lodge and its Brethren are to be commended.

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