Surfer’s Paradise

Middlesex Masons in Lockdown ?

Is it a shark ? Is it a Dolphin ? – No, it’s a Middlesex Mason !

Chance would be a fine thing.

However, Brother Tom Preston, Senior Deacon of Carnarvon Lodge, No. 708, lives in Seaton, Devon where he lives overlooking the bay.

Tom owns an Estate Agency and the current lull in the market gives him time to indulge the sport of windsurfing.

However, ever mindful of how he as a Mason might help in providing relief in the difficult circumstances of lockdown.

He has been working in conjunction with a local Free House and Restaurant in the distribution of Pizza to key NHS workers.

Not only that but paying for it as well.

Brother Tom’s wife Kate is a senior NHS Physiotherapist and works at several local hospitals in the South Devon area.

Tom spends some of his free time on the bay with his windsurfing craft and may be the only one in the water apart from the sharks that is.

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