A Family Affair

The Raising of Sam Dove –

(l to r) Thomas Preston; David Preston; John Gorman; Keith Greatbatch; James Preston

Carnarvon Lodge, No. 708 is one of the older Lodges in the Province of Middlesex.

The Lodge shared its name with a number of Lodges both in the UK, Africa and India.

Consecrated in July 1857 it coincided neatly with the 4th Earl of Carnarvon becoming a freemason in 1856 joining the Westminster and Keystone Lodge, No. 10.

In 1860 he was made the second Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons (created in 1856) and in 1870 he was appointed Deputy Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of England (UGLE) by Lord Ripon, and was Pro Grand Master from 1874 to 1890. Not a bad start.

However, members of the Middlesex rendition of Carnarvon Lodge no doubt are familiar with the history of its early beginnings when it met at the Mitre Hotel, Hampton Court

The Raising of Bro Sam Dove was conducted by the Lodge Secretary W. Bro David Preston acting as WM. David’s son James Preston was Junior Warden and his other son Thomas Preston performed the Office of Senior Deacon.

Keeping it a family affair the role of Senior Warden was undertaken by brother in law Keith Greatbatch and yet another brother in law John Gorman was Junior Deacon.

The expression to “keep it in the family” then takes on a newer meaning and these moments must be highly prized and cherished.

W. Bro David performed the walking charge after the Raising which the newly Raised Brother found profoundly moving and thought provoking in terms of the Obligations that had been undertaken in reaching the Sublime Degree of a Master Mason.

Carnarvon Lodge are relatively small in numbers and would surely welcome not only new members but those who would be pleased to join a Middlesex Lodge with good masonic pedigree and a history extending to the year when Baden-Powel and Edward Elgar were born, not to mention novelist Joseph Conrad. That’s a lot of years.

(l to r – back row) – H Hughes; R Philip; A Elliott; J Gorman; T Preston; J Preston; M Barham; (l to r front row) A Scriveen; M Needham; B Lown; A Howarth; Sam Dove; D Preston; K Greatbatch; A Foxwell

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