Freemasonry Discovered in Uxbridge

Officers of Uxbridge Lodge, No. 7066 with Bro Adewole Adenle

Following on from the highly successful presentation of Discover Freemasonry at the Uxbridge Masonic Centre in March 2019, it was gratifying to record the Initiation of one of the participants in the presentation.

Mr Adewole Ayotunde Adenle was initiated into Uxbridge Lodge, No. 7066 on Thursday 19th December.

A practising lawyer working in North London, he became a Brother Mason with 39 members and guests attending to see him being initiated and to make him feel welcome and make it an occasion to remember.

He admitted afterward to being a little overawed by his reception and at the Festive Board he thanked the Brethren for their warm and fraternal welcome and hoped he could repay their generosity by contributing his time and efforts
to Freemasonry in general and to Uxbridge Lodge in particular in due course.

The Worshipful Master W Bro Ken Demmen was quick to inform him that both would be most welcome.

After the Meeting there followed a traditional Uxbridge Lodge Christmas Festive Board with music and general noise, which the candidate must have wondered what he had let himself in for, but was quickly reassured that not all meetings were the same

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